I wanted to carry out an ongoing project celebrating my most favourite musical front men and woman past and present. Here's a portrait of each one of the guys and gals with a link to my fave videos of them performing.

Baxter DuryWEB.jpg


Baxter is one of my favourite song writers, his cool, lackadaisical style leads you to think that he hasn't got a care in the world as he strolls down Ladbroke grove but be warned theres a lot more to Baxter Dury than meets the eye.  Take a look at him HERE playing Deezer Sessions

Regine WEB.jpg


from the band Arcade fire for me Regenine encapsulates the body and soul of music, if music was a planet she would be growing from the trees and flowing through the rivers.  HERE is my absolute favourite video of her performing at the MTV world stage 2010

NIck CaveWEB.jpg


Here's to one of my all time hero's Nick Cave, no one else can carry you away like him. Where ever it says you will be watching him on your ticket isn't where you will be watching him. HERE 's him with the Bad Seeds at the BBC sessions 2008.